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How to arrange a referral

It is straight forward to arrange to see Sally for an ophthalmology assessment for your pet. You need to discuss this with your own veterinary surgeon, and they will send all the relevant information over to the hospital at which it is more convenient for you to be seen. As soon as we receive the paperwork from your veterinary surgeon we will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment time. We send you confirmation in writing (or via email if preferred) and let your vet know that he appointment has been made. Patients should not be fed on the morning of the consultation (unless diabetic) so that any tests or procedures can be carried out the same day if indicated.

Please note that you cannot make an appointment directly with Sally but need to be referred by your primary care vet.


Appointments for eye tests

Click here for information about BVA/KC/ISDS eye tests.
Also see the information sheet 'eye testing and DNA tests' in the box on the right.

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Information sheets for download


Cherry Eye
Corneal Sequestrum

Corneal Ulcers

Eye testing & DNA tests


How to apply eye medication
Lens Luxation
Living with your blind pet

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